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Onelan (United Kingdom)
ONELAN is a global leader of digital signage and IPTV solutions and a proud investor in UK engineering talent. The company develops high quality, innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications for applications including retail, advertising networks, corporate communications, education, health, public signage and hospitality.
Logitech (Switzerland)
Logitech connects people to the digital experiences they care about. Our market-leading range of easy-to-use business tools enables anywhere productivity and collaboration. Ergonomically-inspired keyboards and mice drive productivity and creativity to new levels. ConferenceCams, personal webcams and USB headsets enable true-to-life HD-quality collaboration.
Easescreen (Austria)
Easescreen is one of the European leading digital signage providers with an installed base of more than 80 000 systems and a continuous presence on the digital signage market since 1999. easescreen’s modular software structure allows limitless application possibilities: classic digital signage installations, digital door signage, interactive dynamic wayfinding, video walls or corporate TV.

SES-imagotag is the global No. 1 company in Electronic Shelf Labeling systems and brings innovative digital solutions to retailers and other industries. 

As a market leader, SES-imagotag offers solutions that combine a proven market experience and an unrivaled technological advance, enabling the digital transformation of physical commerce. SES-imagotag leads retail toward a future of ultra-efficient stores, seamless omnichannel retailing and enhanced customer experiences. 

Based on an extraordinary and proven technology, SES-imagotag provides innovative digital signage solutions for room labeling and industrial applications.

VIOSO (Germany)

VIOSO - World leading solution provider with new and innovative method for the simplified creation of multi projections providing an new approach to automatic soft edge blending, double stacking and warping within minutes. Hundreds of installtions around the World rely on this technology.

LG Electronics (South Korea)
The world leader in production of electronics. LG Electronics active develops integrated solution for B2B sector, including professional displays, commercial and hotel TV, Video surveillance system. The company provides a full range of service from participation in project development to production the equipment and rendering technical support at all project milestones.
Navori (Switzerland)
Navori Digital Signage is an enterprise committed to providing the most reliable, user friendly software application available in the industry. We, at Navori pride ourselves in being an engineering company first. We work with an innovative software engineering team refining and enhancing our software daily. Navori is an exclusive leader in the digital signage industry. On a global level, with over 15 years of experience, the Navori platform has been built with everyone in mind and has been made accessible through a standardized product.
Radio P.O.S. (Germany)
Radio P.O.S. is european leader in in-store radio with more than 20 years of experience. Developer of the own software platform for in-store radio broadcasting.
AV Stumpfl (Austria)
AV Stimpfl is one of the worldwide leaders in Projection screens manufacturing. Developer of the software for Digital Signage systems, media systems control and “Smart home”. AV Stumpfl products have lot of international awards. Network of partners is located all over the world.
Nec (Japan)
NEC is worldwide leader in number of screens installed in public places. The company has big experience in development solutions for mobile and fixed networks, wide range and corporative systems.
Prismview (USA)
Prismview is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.  It's the best known for its reliable products, dazzling image quality, best-in-industry energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Prismview builds 100% of their LED modules and cabinets in the USA, and is the only major manufacturer to do so. Prismview began designing and manufacturing electronic message displays in the early 1990s.
Samsung (South Korea)
Samsung is the world leader in production of quasi conductors, telecommunication equipment and media convergence. Leading maker of LED displays, mobile phones, monitors and other equipment.