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The first Russian retail lowcoster Optoclub RYADY chose DigiSky

The first Russian retail lowcoster Optoclub RYADY chose DigiSky for music service.

Optoclub RYADY is a new project by famous Russian retail enterprisers, Dmitry Kostygin and Avgust   Mayer. It is the first Russian retail lowcoster based on club system.
The business model of retailer is selling maximum different categories including goods for auto and seasonal items, but each category is limited. Lots of goods are selling in a big package. Thus     Optoclub has very small retail margin. Reducing of operating costs also helps to keep low prices in the stores.

DigiSky provides music services of any kind and for any budget. For Oproclub we suggested optimal solution – music free from fees to RAO (Russian Author’s Society) and VOIS (Russian Organization for Intellectual Properties). In case of using that type of music content in public places the fees are paid not to mention above organization but to the authors and rightholders directly. The prices for such music is lower that for popular compositions.

Special professional hardware provided by DigiSky allows create one music format in all stores of the retail chain Optoclub RYADY. Connection of new stores of the chain to the broadcasting is also not a problem. Our technical service works in 24/7 mode on the territory of Russian Federation and CIS. DigiSky employees install all necessary equipment and connect new store to the music network in several hours.

“We are thankful to DigiSky for careful attitude, understanding and responsibility. We are very satisfied with competent and professional company’s employees”, - said Victoria Ivzan, CMO of Optoclub RYADY.

“We are glad to work with such an interesting retail project. We wish to Optovlub futher development and success. Hope that our music helps to create comfort atmosphere in-store and good mood for visitors and staff”, - commented Ekaterina Pechkurova, Executive director of DigiSky company.

More about retail chain https://ryady.ru/