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Digital Signage Business Climate Index Russia - January/Fubruary'16

Since the last survey in November 2015 the Digital Signage Business Climate Index has lost its positive trend and decreased by 19,60 base points from 16,06 base points to -3,56 base points.
The current business sentiment has declined only marginally, however the optimism towards the near future has deflated dramatically. Now almost 35% of all polled companies expect a more unfavourable situation for their business within the next six months.
The general economy in Russia has to take on a wide range of problems in 2016. The primary ones being an continuously falling oil price and a low rubel exchange rate. The Digital Signage market participants are also effected by this development. Most components have to be bought in foreign currency, making the technology more expensive. This again puts strain on the budget of each project, even to the point of cancellation. Hence the number of projects declines (particularly in the smaller segment).
On the bright side, the Football Worldcup 2018 is expected to defiantly push investments in digital projects. 

About the DBCI

The DBCI or OVAB Europe Digital Signage & DooH Business Climate Index is the leading European early indicator for economic development in the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home. The DBCI is published bi-monthly. It is based on the responses of the high level management from all relevant companies in the Digital Signage value chain.

The particular importance of the DBCI is forecasting turning points in economic growth. Besides that, additional questions deliver further information about specific topics.

The index is compiled and managed by invidis consulting in cooperation with the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home association OVAB Europe and various national digital signage and digital out of home associations. All results are published free of charge to be used by the industry, investors as well as other interested parties. To achieve a better overview invidis has re-launched the DBCI research sector at invidis.de/dbci/. The new listings provide a wealth of information with more than 100 individual surveys already online and dozens being added every other month.

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