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Manner Sound Logo Making Of

Manner Sound Logo Making Of

Manner is recognizable at a first glance. Manner has always impressed with distinctive product and corporate design. To give the brand an additional auditory identity the family owned company’s brand management assigned WESOUND to develop Manner’s sound identity.

For future TV spots a sound logo had already been designated, which however only represented a part of Manner’s sound identity.

In a brand workshop with WESOUND and Manner’s brand management the fundaments of the contextual and strategic importance of the brand was defined, extracting the following results: Manner’s brand identity is based on two historical pillars, the Viennese origin and the close bond to St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The brand’s origin dates back to 1890 with Manner’s first shop right opposite St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The cathedral is Vienna’s landmark and the voice of all of Austria, as it holds the famous “Pummerin” bell, which up to today sounds on special occasions.

The Manner logo on the product packaging has always displayed Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral. For over 10 years Manner has employed a stonemason at the cathedral to express their attachment to the city of Vienna. The company’s headquarters and big parts of the production have also remained in Vienna throughout the years.

The completed sound logo thus represents an auditory equivalent to the Manner product packaging: Vienna, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Neapolitan wafers, the colors pink and blue.

We can literally feel that Manner belongs to Vienna and St. Stephen’s Cathedral can be heard through the “Pummerin” bell. The new sound logo embeds and reanimates “The taste of Vienna“ sound of the past and is now played in pizzicato style by the contemporary Viennese violinist Katharina Engelbrecht, who at Manner’s request was specially flown in to the WESOUND studio in Berlin to record the track.