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3 August 2017
The first Russian retail lowcoster Optoclub RYADY chose DigiSky for music service.

24 July 2017
DigiSky took participation in one of the main events of European Digital Signage industry - Digital Signage Summit Europe helded on 5th-6th of July2017  in Munich.

19 July 2017
In DigiSky we know how to create summer mood with music. Especially for summer time we offer theme music content.
18 July 2017
Here’s a short case study out of New Zealand about screens in the forecourts and inside New Zealand BP gas stations and c-stores.
17 July 2017

Digital signage is a tool to engage, entertain, educate and communicate with your audience. In the article you will find seven tips how to get maximum from your Digital Signage project.

12 July 2017
Our European partner, WESOUND was involved in new audio branding project.

2 July 2017
There are very little successful Digital Signage projects in Russia, which could show all system advantages.
19 June 2017

On 8th of June 2017 international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” was held for the 7th time. This year for the first time the conference was organized in new format as a part of the Russian Retail Week.

17 February 2017
Digital Signage conference will be held on 8th of June 2017.
1 February 2017
At the beginning of the year it is discussed what technologies will be popular. According to the European experts we present you 5 Digital Signage technologies which will be actual in 2017.
27 January 2017
The American sneaker giant has just unveiled a new, in-store device which allows customers the opportunity to visually tailor sneakers using augmented reality and see the designs projected back at them in realtime. The machines were designed and installed by SmartPixels, a French company specializing in augmented retail programs.
20 January 2017

The largest international exhibition of AV industry Integrated Systems Europe will be held on 7-10 of February in Amsterdam, RAI. This year the event will be held in 14th time and should be the largest one in show in the event’s history: increases the number of participants, the show will also welcome 135 new exhibitors to its vibrant show floor. 

11 January 2017
DigiSky company made a contract with the chain of shoes stores “CCC”.
30 December 2016
Dear Colleagues!
The team of DigiSky company congratulates you with coming Merry Christmas and New Year! We wish you lots of happiness, let the dreams come truth. Let New Year will bring you more bright and happy moments.
21 December 2016
Using Digital Signage technologies in corporate sector is rapidly gaining popularity. Many companies appreciate and use such effective instrument of corporate communications as corporate television.
19 December 2016
Invidis consulting presented the results of Digital Signage market research in Russia - Digital Signage Business Climate Index. According to the results the situation on Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home industry becomes better.

13 December 2016
According to ITResearch company 9 000 information panels (LFD, more than 32’professionals displays, computer monitors not included) was sold in the third quarter of 2016. Total amount of sales reached about 30 million dollars. Weighted average cost of one devise was 3,3 thousand dollars.
8 December 2016
Coca Cola and Samsung sign to new proposition. Other global brands will have the opportunity to bid for the previously restricted ad space on Piccadilly Lights, one of the world’s top advertising locations.
6 December 2016
On July, 2016 the world digital electronics retailer Media Markt opened the first a 800 square-metre digital store in Barcelona. The company presented the conception of using advanced technologies: RFID, videowalls, virtual reality, interactive kiosks and etc.
24 November 2016
DigiSky company cooperates with the best manufacturers and providers of digital signage solutions. We are glad that our partners AV Stumpfl and Onelan are shortlisted for InAVation Award.
18 November 2016
New Year music for your business
15 November 2016
LG Electronics, the world leader in display solutions, presented its ultranthin OLED displays on the exhibition Integrated Systems Russia, which was held on 1-3 of November in Moscow.
11 November 2016
DigiSky company will particioate in the exhibition of innovative technologies for business RetExpo-2016 which will be held on 23-25 of November in World trade center.
7 November 2016
In 2014, Bolist rolled out a succession of interactive kiosk systems in its Swedish DIY stores, transforming the Point of Sale into a successful Multichannel touchpoint. A success story.
2 November 2016
The Digital Signage Business Climate Index in Russia is on a steady positive level since March 2016. The index has seen a nominal increase of 0,05 base points from 38,20 points to 38,25 base points. Since the end of the first quarter 2016 the positive influence on the Russian economy by a strengthened national currency and recovering oil prices was reflected in a general sales increase in the LFD market and in new digital signage project developments. The market participants have again...
27 October 2016
Retail trade and health sphere will become key drivers of market growth – is said in research of Grand View Research Inc. company.
25 October 2016
The project of our partner WESOUND, sound logo for Manner, won the German Desigh Award Special 2017.

13 October 2016
Analytics company ITResearch announced results of the first half of the 2016 year on the Russian information panels market.
11 October 2016
DigiSky confirms the status of autorized Samsung service center in Russia. DigiSky is autorized to make warranty repair of professional displays from 22' to 105'.
6 October 2016
Although last time shopping malls’ environment changed a lot, in-store music in malls stays essential part of malls’ concept.
28 September 2016
Multimedia installation became a part of modern shopping malls. Today Digital constructions are used not only for promotion and information but as a part of interior.

27 September 2016
WESOUND company, DigiSky's partner in audio branding, created audio logo for Manner.

23 September 2016
Yandex is creating a system of located in Moscow billboard audience measurement.
20 September 2016
Today children zones becomes integral part of shopping malls, stores, banks and other public places.
30 August 2016
ONELAN is pleased to announce that Reserva Room signage been shortlisted by AV Magazine for best display product of the year.
25 August 2016
DigiSky prepare special music content to celebrate a new school year and create special atmosphere in points of sales.
22 August 2016

DigiSky company received the permission for translation of the WORLD CUP OF HOCKEY 2016 in public places from Telesport, the right holders of the Cup in Russian Federation.

8 August 2016
Consulting agency invidis consulting published the results of the last DBCI Russia issue (July/August). Business sentiment in Russia stabilising on a positive level in the summer.
27 July 2016
Several years ago because of developing of LCD and LED technologies the using of projection solutions on the points of sale stepped on the back site. Projection on the floor that used to be popular didn’t get expected results and 3D mapping came to the show industry.
10 June 2016

European Championship Euro-2016 will be held from 10 of June till 10 of July in France.

Bring joy to your customers by live streams of football matches. It becomes possible with Digisky company. We made a contract with the right holders and can offer to our clients special content. Broadcasting of the games, themed programs between the half-time and many other things are waiting you.

6 June 2016
New findings from Clear Channel UK and Posterscope reveal audience impact effectiveness of classic and digital Out of Home (OOH).
3 June 2016
The 6th international conference Digital Signage – no alternative! was held on 27th May.
1 June 2016
23-24 of June the 10th Digital Signage Summit Europe was held in Munich.
24 May 2016
The 6th international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative” will be held this Friday, the 27th of May. Ahead of the event we present you the interview with Giovanni Flore, Benetton Digital Signage project manager.
6 April 2016

Presentation of the project “Benetton live windows” on the conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!”

Giovanni Flore, Benetton Digital Signage project manager, will present a unique interactive project “Benetton live windows” on 27th of May on the conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!”

15 March 2016
The 6th international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” will be held on the 27th of May. 
Every year Top-managers, representatives from marketing and development departments from retail, shopping malls, banks, hotels, QSR and other vertical markets meet with professionals of Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home industries to discuss the latest projects, trends of the industry and new products. 
11 March 2016
New research demonstrated that Digital Signage technologies attract twice more attention. 
APS Group company undertook a study by special technology following to the customers’ viewing. The research was undertaken in England by the example of window of “one famous English bank”. There were interacted windows of two banks located in different places. The duration of test was 6 weeks; the reaction of more than 1.6m shoppers was measured. 
3 March 2016
Dear Ladies, DigiSky company congratulates you with International Women's day! We wish you good mood, lots of smiles, love and inspiration.
25 February 2016
The current business sentiment has declined only marginally, however the optimism towards the near future has deflated dramatically. Now almost 35% of all polled companies expect a more unfavourable situation for their business within the next six months.
23 December 2015
The OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) Russia has increased further and is now on a twelve-month high. The DBCI is polled by invidis consulting with the support of the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home association OVAB Europe.
Since the last survey in September 2015 the Digital Signage Business Climate Index has further increased by 10,49 base points from 5,56 base points to 16,05 base points. The current business sentiment has brighten up significantly towards...
30 September 2015

Digital Signage business sentiment with a slight end-of-year recovery

The OVAB Europe Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) Russia has increased further and is now on a twelve-month high. The DBCI is polled by invidis consulting with the support of the Digital Signage and Digital-out-of-Home association OVAB Europe.

Since the last survey in July 2015 the Digital Signage Business Climate Index has increased by 12,37 base points from -6,82 base points to 5,56 base points.


22 September 2015

DigiSky company continues its partnership with Russian Council of Shopping Centers, professional organization of developers, architectures, marketing specialists, managers, owners of shopping centers and retailers, food services and goods. The mission of RCSC is going to start-up, promotion and development of shopping centers on Russian market. 

Real estate market is rapidly developing and changing. New shopping centers, completed with modern technologies and solutions, are regular coming...

14 September 2015

On September, 10-11 the 9th conference Digital Signage Summit Europe (before OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich) was held in Munich in Hilton Munich Airport hotel. This year 477 delegates visited the leading event of Digital Signage and DooH industry. The leading market players, hardware and software manufacturers, system integrators, advertising agencies and also end users of digital signage systems met in Munich. During 2 days the last trends, tendencies, changing in the industry were...

4 September 2015

The leading European conference for the Digital Signage and DooH industry OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe (formerly OVAB Digital Signage Conference Munich) will be held in Munich on September, 10-11th. High level of organization of the previous conferences brought the event to a new level and made it more important and valuable for the industry.

The conference OVAB Digital Signage Summit Europe is the presentations fr om Digital Signage market professionals, panel discussions, demo-zone...

10 August 2015
The DBCI is polled by invidis consulting with the support of the digital signage and digital out of home association OVAB Europe.
The Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) in Russia has increased marginally since the last poll in May. The Index rose from -7,15 base points by 0,33 points to reach -6,82 base points.
Research the DBCI showed that Digital Signage business sentiment remains slightly negative in July and August.
Over 68 % of the polled companies are satisfied or rate their current...

27 March 2015

Digital Signage market with slight recovery in the second quarter of 2015

The Digital Signage Business Climate Index has seen a slight increase in Russia. The market participants are still skeptical about the future business situation.

The digital Signage Business Climate Index Russia has been polled for the sixth time in Russia. Since the last survey in January, the index has slightly increased from -33,33 by 11,90 base points to reach -21,43 base points although only little more...

24 February 2015

The digital Signage Business Climate Index Russia has been polled for the fifth time in Russia. Since the last survey in November, the index has dropped further from -22,75 by 10,59 base points to -33,33 base points. Many market participants with negative current business sentiment. Only little more than half of the market still sees the current business situation as satisfactory. Also the outlook for the year 2015 is still highly conservative. While the expectations for the next six months have...

9 February 2015

Euronews, a multilingual news television channel headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France (created in 1993 aiming to cover world news from a pan-European perspective) and Bluefox announced this week an extension of their media partnership into digital out of home.

BlueFox will distribute Euronews information and entertainment feeds globally. Feeds can be subscribed via their own content webshop or directly via the BlueFox sales and BlueFox resellers.

Andrea Le Vot, BlueFox CEO...

25 January 2015
For many years DigiSky company is in partnership with LG Electronics, one of the worldwide leaders in sphere of digital technologies. LG Electronics offers professional equipment, manufactured in accordance with the latest technologies and corresponded to the highest quality standards. 

DigiSky is proud of close partnership with such a world-known company as LG Electronics.  LG Electronics professional equipment allows DigiSky company to realize projects of any complexity. Since 2013 DigiSky...

29 December 2014
Dear ladies and gentlemen! The team of DigiSky company congratulates you with coming New year and Christmas! We wish you smiles, good luck, new victories and accomplishment of desires. Ahead of New Year's vanity DigiSky company creates festive mood in shopping centers and shops. To make purchases in the atmosphere of a holiday under New Year's melodies twice pleasantly. Make gifts to darlings with pleasure!
22 December 2014
DigiSky company signed up the contract for musical service with the shopping mall "Tuymaada" located in Yakutsk on Ordzhonikidze St., 38. The pleasant atmosphere for shopping is created by specially Pop style melodies picked up by experts of DigiSky. Ahead of New year in shopping center the festive mood is created by well-known New Year's melodies. Control of system is exercised centrally fBroadcasting system is centralized controls from the DigiSky office.
15 December 2014
On November, 25 the 42nd "Perekrestok-express" in which music service is carried out by the DigiSky company was opened. Thanks to the professional equipment unified musical style is confirmed in all shops "Perekrestok-express". Ahead of New year well-known New Year's hits sound in the shop, creating the atmosphere of a holiday and fun. Pleasant purchases and festive mood!
8 December 2014
New supermarket O'Key was opened On December 3 in Barnaul. The supermarket is located on Baltiyskaya St., 16 in shopping mall "Prazdnichny". Music service of a new supermarket O'Key is carried out by DigiSky company. It is the hundred sixth shop O'Key cooperating with DigiSky company. The professional equipment allows to create unified musical style in all supermarkets and hypermarkets O'Key. Broadcasting system is centralized controls from the DigiSky office.
1 December 2014
Shops already started selling New Year's goods, show-windows and streets are festively decorated, people reflected where to spend holidays and what to present to friends and relatives. New Year bocomes more and more closer.

New Year's compositions which are specially picked up by the staff of DigiSky company help to create the feeling of the coming holiday in trading floors.

DigiSky company prepared new thematic musical content. The company offers a selection of well-known foreign New Year's hits,...

13 November 2014

November 2014 - Large Format Displays in Jewelry retail is still unchartered territory. It seems to be general opinion with digital signage integrators that small precious jewelry and large displays don’t match. Visual Merchandising specialist Pavel Sidorov from Adamas illustrated at the ISR Retail Conference how the Adamas is using digital signage in their APM Monaco franchise outlets in Russia. VON FLORIAN ROTBERG

Adamas is the leading jewelry chain and producer in Russia with ...

22 October 2014

A new digital signage record has been registered by The Russian Book of Records. The project realized by DigiSky in the Merсuriy City Tower (MIBC Moscow City) has become a record-holder with the official record of “The highest resolution of Indoor videowall”.

This is the second record of the unique tower – in 2012 year Moscow tower “Mercuriy City” obtained the title of the highest building in Europe in frames of the “High-Rise Buildings Rating” by analytic company "Emporis"....

18 September 2014

On the threshold of  Day of Knowledge Digisky company created special music format dedicated to  school, teachers, friendship. Everybody known compositions such as “Uchat v shkole”, “Dvazhdi dva chetire”, “Natashka-pervoklashka” create festive mood in shopping malls and stores.

Among our clients who have already used this service, Azovskii, the chain of stores “Prizma”, the chain of stores “Podruzhka”, hepermarkets O’Kei, MEGA. 

25 August 2014

The chain of stores MODIS signed up the contract for audio service with DigiSky company. 23 MODIS stores have already sounded in unified style. Specially sel ected popular compositions create good atmosphere in stores and help guests to make purchases with pleasure.

Broadcasting system is centralized controls fr om the DigiSky office.

MODIS is the chain of stores offering good fashionable clothes for all family for reasonable prices. There is a continuous updating of the range and receipt...

14 August 2014

DigiSky signed up the contract for audio service with outlet-center Fashion House. Fashion House is the only European level roofed outlet in Russia. Broadcasting is realizing on the whole territory of shopping mall. Specially selected compositions in jazz and lounge style are completely on a par to the conception of the shopping mall and create good atmosphere for shopping. 

6 June 2014
The 4h international conference “Digital Signage – no alternative!” was held on 30th of May, 2014 in Radisson Slavanskay Hotel, Moscow. The organizer of the conference was Digisky company, the event was supported by leading European association OVAB (Out-of-home video advertising bureau). More than 280 delegates took participation in the conference.
Digital Signage technologies are onwards and upwards in Russia. Screens, digital menu, video walls, navigation kiosks, media facades,...
14 May 2014
DigiSky company became Platinum partner of Spinetix company. DigiSky is a premium dealer of SpinetiX products now.

SpinetiX, was founded in 2006, is Switzerland companythe winner of many awards in the Digital Signage field. Developer of unique reliability and easy using media players HMP and software Elementi.
To be awarded the Premium dealer status of SpinetiX, the company should satisfy the number of requirements: to have its own demo room, stock with SpinetiX products, certified...
17 April 2014

The chain of food stores “Monetka” and supermarkets “Rait” concluded the contract on music service of their stores with Digisky company.

The shops “Monetka” and supermarkets “Rait” located all over Russia. Thanks to the professional equipment of Digisky company the unified style of music service was created in 14 shops “Monetka” and 14 supermarkets “Rait”. Radio is an effective channel for advertising, so besides music the audio spots with information about current...

11 April 2014

The 4th international conference "Digital Signage - no alternative" will be held on 30th of May 2014 in Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel, Moscow. The conference is supported by leading European association OVAB (Out-of-home video advertising bureau).

The conference is dedicated to Digital Signage technology, which becomes more and more demanded in Russia. More and more digital media are appeared in shopping centers, retail, banks, fitness clubs, QSR and other public places. Screens, video...

5 December 2013

Audio Branding Award 2013: Two brand sound projects for shopping malls collect Gold and Silver

The highlight of the 5th International Audio Branding Congress yesterday was the award ceremony of the Audio Branding Award. The international distinction in Gold goes to the Swedish agency Radja for their Audio Branding project Emporia, a shopping mall in Malmö. The Brazilian team of B Sound Thinking are pleased to collect the trophy in Silver for their shopping mall project Iguatemi. Bronze...

8 November 2013

The Audio Branding Academy announces some first results of their annual industry survey Audio Branding Barometer 2013. The survey denominates the leading international Audio Brands. Moreover a significant trend concerning the most important sound applications of the future emerges. The strategic development of music and sound for Mobile Apps ranks the highest, followed by Point of Sale and Web applications.

Dr. Cornelius Ringe, Senior Partner at the Audio Branding Academy, commented, “This...

1 November 2013
Dear Sir or Madam,
YESCO Electronics is pleased to invite you to its stand 16.17 Level_01 at the Mapic exhibition where you can join us for a business coffee and a friendly chat with the YESCO Electronics team. It is also the perfect opportunity to show you some of our projects, get to know each other better and learn more about what we have to offer you. Please follow the link for more information about company.
YESCO Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality electronic displays...
1 October 2013

Six Audio Branding projects from four countries have been nominated for the Audio Branding Award 2013. The following submissions were chosen by the international expert jury: Emporia/Sweden, Iguatemi/Brazil, MetrôRio/Brazil, Peugeot/France, RitterSport/Germany and a project by the German agency nhb corporate sound which is still confidential. These projects will be presented to the international trade experts at the 5th Audio Branding Congress on November 28th in Moscow.


30 August 2013

DigiSky continues to create new thematic music content. Especially for Knowledge day celebration (1st of September) we created audio package with the most popular songs dedicated to school, 1st of September, childhood and friendship.

DigiSky professional hardware allows to include school songs in usual in-store radio air and playback these songs several times per hour.

Among our clients who use this service are drogerie Podruzhka, Mega malls, Azovskiy mall, Altair (Yaroslavl) mall, Otrada...

26 July 2013

„Sound Opportunities“ – That is the motto of the fifth international Audio Branding Congress which will be held in Moscow on November 28th, 2013. Once again the international Audio Branding Award will be given to the best works from the world of acoustic brand communications. Until August 30th companies and agencies are invited to submit their Best Practice Case.

Out of all entries the international award-jury nominates six cases which will be presented to the international...

19 July 2013

Smeshariki company together with DigiSky continue to make progress and explore new projects.

For the second year shopping mall Mega broadcasts Smeshariki cartoons in its children area in all 10 shopping malls. One of the biggest hypermarkets Okey also uses Smeshariki in its 53 stores in Russia.

Sberbank Russia (mid-Russian branch) became a new DigiSky client who uses Smeshariki this year. The cartoon broadcasts in two branches in Krasnogosk.

Smeshariki is the first large-scale Russian...

12 July 2013

Taber trade company (drogerie store “Podruzhka”) signed up the contract for audio service with DigiSky (one of the leading companies in sphere of audio services for business in Russia and CIS).

From a single household goods store opened in Moscow in 2005, «Podruzhka» has evolved into one of the premier retailers for beauty and body care products. Today, «Podruzhka» operates more than 120 stores and in Moscow and Moscow region. When you visit «Podruzhka»...

5 July 2013

On November 28th, experts from all over the world meet once again at the fifth Audio Branding Congress to talk about the latest trends and innovations of the use of sound in communication and product design. One highlight of the event will be the presentation of the Audio Branding Award. Until July 13th, early bird discounts are available.

After previous events in Hamburg, New York and Oxford, this year the Congress takes place in Moscow. The Audio Branding Academy from Hamburg organized the...

3 June 2013

31st of May in Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel the 3rd Digital Signage Moscow conference “Digital Signage – no alternative” was held.

For the third year the organizer of the conference Digisky company had gathered together in one place Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) representatives and end-users from different vertical markets..

This year the conference was supported by leading European association OVAB Europe (Out-of-home video advertising bureau) for the first time. “Last...

15 March 2013
The hardware of one of DigiSky's partners AV Stumpfl company was used at the worldwild premier of new Samsung Galaxy S4.
The stunning world premiere of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Radio City Music Hall of New York City was staged by two Wings Engine Stage Quad from AV Stumpfl.

The entire show was realized using two Wings Engine Quad and Wings Vioso when the successor of the Samsung S3 was unveiled last night.

Stay tuned for more details soon.
7 March 2013

BlueFox has opened a fully automated content webshop that provides a simple and safe subscription process and fast delivery of premium content to screens worldwide.

Network operators can access an extensive range of appealing digital content such as feeds, video footage, mini-channels and motion design offers. Our Essential Packs group content for a specific audience or communication goal. One example is the Essential INFO or all audience hungry for information, providing them with information...

1 March 2013

DigiSky company created special music format dedicated to International Women’s Day which consists of Russian songs about love and spring. Our clients can greet their customers also via music now. Orion, Mega Tepliy stan and Azovskiy shopping malls have already started to use this special music format from DigiSky. The Songs were added to main music formats, which shopping malls use and help to create holiday and romantic spirit. Professional hardware from DigiSky allows to set the system ...

22 February 2013

Every year LG company sums up all realized project and chooses the best of them. It’s a great honor for us to say that DigiSky company was awarded as “The best project with LG professional hardware” in 2012 year. We are going to continue our partnership with LG and hope to realize lots of new projects in 2013 year.

8 February 2013

DigiSky company signed a contract for music service with the first Russian outlet-center Outlet Village Belaya dacha. Broadcasting is realizing on the whole territory of shopping mall. DigiSky company created special music format relevant to outlet marketing strategy.

Broadcasting system is centralize controlled from the DigiSky office.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha is the first real outlet in Russia, an open-air center with cozy street, squares and fountains.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha...

1 February 2013

DigiSky team visited one of the biggest AV-exhibition in the world – Integrated Systems Europe, which took place on 29th – 31st of January 2013 in Amsterdam, RAI.

For DigiSky Integrated Systems Europe is one of the main events, which gives unique opportunity to be the first to know about innovation and interesting Digital Signage and AV solutions, trends and tendency. ISE enables to communicate with leading experts and to find new partners. That is why representatives from DigiSky...

25 January 2013

DigiSky continues cooperation with the leading cash&carry store Metro Cash&Carry. Now DigiSky provide music service for new Metro store, which was opened in Volzhskiy town, Volgogradskaya area. The total area of store is 12 500 m², shopping space – 7 500 m².

All 67 Metro stores situated in 36 regions of Russian Federation and 8 stores in Kazakhstan are equipped with professional high technology equipment which allows on-line updates and management of media, music...

18 January 2013

Representatives from DigiSky company visited the main retail industry exhibition – NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO (или Retail’s Big show), which took place on January13-16, 2013 in New York (USA). The exhibition powered by NRF (National Retail Federation). Today, Retail's BIG Show is NRF's flagship industry event held annually in New York City. The four day event offers unparalleled education, collegial networking, and an enormous EXPO Hall full of technologies and solutions.

10 January 2013

One of famous Russian manufacture of decorative cosmetic Divage made a contract with DigiSky for music service on its first boutique in Russian Federation. The boutique is situated in Sheremetyevskaya street, 20, Moscow.

Special pop-music channel absolutely suit Divage’s brand identity and create bright, fashionable and up-to-date atmosphere in the boutique.

19 November 2012

On November 18, 2012 the final games in the championship ACORT “Retailer Cup. Fall 2012” took place in the Sports Hall CSKA. The teams that won first places in the play-offs were qualified as participants in the all-Russian tournament ACORT “Retailer Cup. Supercup 2012”. The Supercup will take place on November 24, 2012 in the Sports Hall CSKA in Moscow.

You can find a list of participants on the website http://football.retailer.ru/6/

The official partner for the ...

7 November 2012

The 6th annual international exhibition Integrated Systems Russia held in Moscow. The exhibition took place from October 30th to November 1st, 2012 in the Expocentre at Krasnaya Presnya. This year the most important event in the field of professional audio-video equipment and system integration in Russia and the CIS attracted almost 10.000 visitors.

Together with our partners Bluefox (France) and Harris (UK) DigiSky company demonstrated complex solutions for creating and controlling Digital...

15 October 2012

On October 12, 2012 the company DigiSky was officially accepted as a member of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RCSC) at the regular Marketing Section meeting. The main aim of this cooperation will be the exchange of experiences and cooperation with different council companies’ members, as well as the promotion of Digital Signage systems in shopping centers.

The Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RCSC) is a professional organization of developers, architects, marketing specialists,...

10 August 2012

DigiSky company had finished the adoption of the pilot project in the new beer restaurant “Amstel” in the bowling Cosmic.

Since the bowling bar is located in a room without windows, the interior designer came up with an interesting idea to create windows out of digital panels. For project implementation, Cosmic’s management selected one of the leading media system integratorsof Russia and CIS: the company DigiSky. The system installation was implemented by the company as a ...

16 July 2012

Harrods was an early adopter of in-store digital media and continues to use it as a revenue generating tool with third-party advertisers a key element of the store group's profitable model. By Glynn Davis

Ahead of presenting at the Retail Bulletin In-store Engagement Conference 2012 in London on July 10th Guy Cheston, media sales director at Harrods, runs through his thinking on using digital media in-store at the world-famous department store.

“Although I feel we were quite pioneering...

9 July 2012

Expending the line of content for Digital Signage, DigiSky made an agency contract with Smeshariki ltd. company. For today DigiSky is an exclusive company who can use Smeshariki cartoons for Digital Signage networks in public places.

The first DigiSky client who will use Smeshariki content is the biggest Russian family shopping center “Mega”. It counts 20 malls in Russian Federation. The cartoons will be shown on screens installed in playgrounds for kids.

The fact that the content...

11 June 2012

Russia's digital signage leaders, DigiSky and Adissy, have organised for a second consecutive year the “Digital Signage – no alternative!” conference. Bringing together more than 300 people from Moscow, Russian regions and CIS countries, the two days conference was held at the Korston Hotel in Moscow (May31st-June1st).

After last year’s success, DigiSky and Adissy realised the importance of providing a space to debate and learn about this rapidly growing industry,...

25 April 2012
Digisky spreads broadcasting system in O'KEY hypermarkets. New hypermarket was opened on 20th of April in Tumen, Shirokaya st., 199.
26 March 2012

Russia, Moscow – A new shopping mall “Passage” was opened in Glazov town, Udmurtia region in September 2011. Shopping mall was built according to modern standards of construction, decoration and security. Passage is the largest, the most popular and modern shopping mall in Glazov.
Today, it’s difficult to imagine the modern mall without music service, so the owners of "Passage" turned to the experts from Digisky company. On March 2012 Digisky started broadcasting...

11 November 2011
<p><b>Harris Furthers Commitment to European Digital Out-Of-Home Market</b></p>

<p>Company signs DigiSky as first distributor for Russia, plans exhibit for ISR 2011 conference</p>
7 November 2011

Three O’key stores were opened last week in Kolpino, Ufa and Omsk. DigiSky’s broadcasting network is growing together with O’key store. Multi-function high-technology satellite receivers were installed in each store. Distribution of audio content is realized via Satellite Distribution Systems.
25 October 2011

 Today DigiSky starts broadcasting in Metro Cash&Carry Chelyabinsk. The 59th store was opened today im Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk area.
In all store music servise is realized by DigiSky company.

1 October 2011

On 29.09.2011 the first hypermarket Ikea in Samara was opened. Hypermarket situated on the territory of Mega Mall.

DigiSky realize broadcasting in all Mega malls and Ikea hypermarkets on Russian Federation.

7 June 2011

1st of June 2011, Moscow - The Digital Signage Conference – No Alternative! has taken place on the 31st of May, 2011 at Korson Hotel in Moscow.

The goal of the event was to tell the participants about the industry of Digital Signage, worldwide trends, and the advantages of digital signage over the traditional methods of advertising and communication.

The organizer of the conference Digisky and the technical partner of the event Adissy believe that the conference can bring a ...

29 April 2011
The “Digital Signage, there is no alternative!” conference will take place on 31 May 2011 in Moscow’s Korston Hotel.

The conference is organised by DigiSky, the only Russian member of the Digital Screenmedia Association and OVAB (Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau). Technical partner to the event is Adissy, who supply the Russian market with a wide range of the best innovative products and solutions in the area of advertising systems.

Digital communications are in a...
11 April 2011
Digisky’s European partner - P.O.S. Medien, leading European company in providing music service for business, has signed a contract with a leading European chain Drogery format - Schlecker. P.O.S. technology is a unique solution, which hasn’t analogs neither in Russia nor in Europe. Schlecker has approximately 10,000 stores throughout Europe. P.O.S. Medien realize broadcasting in more than 500 stores Schlecker, each with the same music format.

The main feature of the technology ...
5 April 2011
Russia, Moscow – Digisky, one of the leading company in digital signage industry on CIS market, joined OVAB. Membership in this association will allow the company to keep abreast of the latest trends in digital signage, to exchange experiences with foreign companies and to take part in conferences held by the association.
OVAB (out-of-home video advertising bureau) - is the leading European association in the field of digital out-of-home. Among the members of this association are well-known...
31 January 2011
Russia, Moscow – DigiSky, one of the CIS market leaders in providing integrated media experiences for business, announced that it has been chosen by world leader in furniture retail IKEA as a preferred partner approved for narrowcasting service of the media content to all of its locations in Russia. The partnership will be based on the long term base and will start from music and message services.

DigiSky distributes all the content trough its own technical platform and updates for the music...

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