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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service


Sergey P.
What kind of music do you have? Why should I pay to copyright holders societies and what influence on the rates?    
We offer 2 kinds of music service: popular music and acoustic music of unknown authors. According to the 4th article of the Civil Code of Russian Federation fee for broadcasting music in public places must be paid to copyright holders every month. The amount of fee depends on the square of the place where music service is used and, for example, on the number of seats (for theaters, cafes, cinemas, etc.). The total number of tracks and the time of broadcasting does not influence on the fee amount.    
Konstantin E.
What is navigation kiosk?

Navigation kiosk is a special stand, where visitors can receive the information about location of stores, offices, shelves, sections etc. and also find the way to that objects and to receive more information about them.

The basic navigation kiosk is a pillar with a poster/lightbox or display on it.

If speaking about intellectual solutions kiosks with search by catalogue and way finding are the most popular today.

Modern navigation systems allow to show 3D schemes of the objects, lay the route and interact with visitors.
Svetlana K.
How does automated audience measurement work? Does the system identify and recorder each visitor?

The system receives information from video camera (IP or Web) installed in special places on the object.

The system use specific algorithms to analyze person and recognize visitor’s gender and age.

Recognition accuracy will be lower if the visitors wear the clothes, covering the faces and bodies.

However the system doesn’t identify, recorder and mark each visitor passing near it. Such functions are provided by other systems such as security, government, public safety systems.
Andrey A.
Do you create content? Could you make a video or record a song?

We provide full package of audio content service: recording of audio spots, jingles and audio logos, creating of individual music libraries.

We also provide license video content (news, cartoons, different thematic channel) from different content providers and copyright holders.

We create video presentations, slide-shows and content layouts for screens.

Advertising, media products promotion, creating video for TV, video recording and editing, movies production are not our business.