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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
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Video show case

Video show cases are displays on the exhibition shelves, projection on the walls, glass or any other surface.
This decision is effective way of reporting information about sales or promotions.

Classification and technical characteristics.

1.    Classic projection video display.
It is collection of three main elements – multimedia projector, a back projection film and a screen, in the role of which any smooth transparent surface (for example, glass or plastic) can act.

2.    Interactive projection video display.
More advanced version ensuring the interaction of of the projected image with the person.

3.    Effective and quckly payback video show case.

With video show case you could:
•    Attract clients and customers attention.
•    Increase sales growth
•    Reduce advertising costs
•    убедиться в эффективности этого рекламного инструмента;
•    Achieve growth of your brand’s recognition
•    Highlight your store

What do we offer?

•    Equipment
The company DigiSky organizes the selection, delivery, installation and adjustment of all necessary technical means: professional projectors, signal sources (computer or player with HD support), projection film, switching devices, etc.

•    Content
We will help you create a video presentation or slide show or delive licensed content from third-party providers.

•    Related services
DigiSky provides a full range of services for personnel training and post-sale maintenance of the system.