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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
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Outdoor LED screens

Outdoor LED-constructions are the climate steady «street» solutions for a translationpractically any audiovisual information: commercials, informative messages, preventions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc. Such screens have high-grade protection fr om moisture, cold/warm, dirty. The minimum pixel pitch for outdoor screen for today is 6 mm, it is allow  seeing clear image fr om 7 meters. More often outdoor screens with 16,20 or 25 pixel pitch are installed. Such screens provide visibility of clear image from 20 to 60 meters.

Among LED-constructions:
  • Advertising LED billboards
  • Informative LED screens
  • Media facades on the buildings
  • Screens of any sizes and configurations
  • Architectural  lighting
  • Unique, custom-made LED-constructions
Today such LED-constructions are used practically at all vertical markets: shopping malls, business centers, hotels, casino, museums, cinemas, stadiums, music halls, exhibition centers, advertising business etc.

LED-constructions use wh ere it is necessary to attract visitors attention and it is possible to influence effectively on the people’s mood and behavior.