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Indoor LED screens

Indoor construction differs from Outdoor by brightness, protection level and less pixel pitch. Today a screen with 1,5 mm pixel pitch and the brightness in 1500 nitt is exist. It is a good alternative for LCD panels of standard format. Indoor LED screen can be assembled in any forms and size, because it is made of composed modules. Besides the standard using of LED screens, there are the other kind of constructions:
  1. LED-pylon is a mobile floor standing construction with LED screen of minimum pixel pitch to inform visitors with advertising, special offers. It can be placed in shopping malls, exhibitions, business centers, museums and etc. The advantages of LED-pylon is ready mobile construction, which is ready to connection and work at any time. There is no necessity to make fixing construction for LED-pylon or demount it when the pylon doesn’t use. 
  2. LED-perimeter is indoor screen, it can be flexible, made with  using different technologies – flexible  media mesh, rubber frame, able to envelop curve surfaces. Flexible LED screens use as scenic and music venue design, for creating LED screens of difficult forms, designing  of the interior design (for example, between the floors in the shopping center). The flexible LED media mesh is constructed on LED modules and has unique transparency, very small weight and high operational characteristics. LED modules can be made with individual execution of the case.
  3. Screens for sport venues feature picture sharpness, contrast, reliability, life span and easy of servicing. For such screens it is used special software, allowing to relay all important moments of event in real time mode and to broadcast needed moment of playing in real time without assemble and processing of video. So all specify functions allow to the spectators to monitor all important moments of sport event or show.
The application field of indoor LED-screens is very large:
  • Retail chains
  • Shopping malls
  • Music halls and sport venues
  • TV studios and exhibitions
  • Institutes and government sector
  • Hotels
  • Business centers and etc.