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Wings AV system

Specially for WOW-effects at the shows, Austrian company AV Stumpfl - the world leader in manufacturing of projection screens and developer of software for multimedia installations – launched hardware and software suite Wings AV, consisting of several parts:
1. Wings ENGINE:  professional media servers. 
2. Wings VIOSO: software, which is installed on the servers. It serves for creation and playing of complex multimedia show. This soft allows to control video, sound, peripherals such as curtain, microphone, lightning equipment and etc. Software allows to adjustment of overlapping areas and geometry corrections of the image projected from several projectors in 3D and 2D shows as in the manual, and automatic modes.

3. Wings TOUCH: software, which allows to create touch interfaces for show control practically from any gadget.

4. Wings IOBOX (Input Output Box): 4 modules of hardware are converters of peripheral streams. They allow to combine in one local network. Wings Engine and any other external equipment – relay wirings, music, light and etc. The first converter controls the lighting equipment, the second controls external equipment, the third controls the block of 16 relay, which are managing the switches and curtains mechanic, the fourth one has 16 digital input to connect additional sensors, commutators, buttons and etc. 

5. Wings AVIO: network protocol from which all components of the complex interacts. User-friendly interface allows to create the systems for integrated show quickly: the settings don’t need programming, everything is made on drug and drop level.
In the first place the complex was created for projection shows and it hasn’t technologies restrictions today: the signal can be produced as on the projection or on any screen. It can be used practically for any technology – projector, LED module and display.

Wings AV is developed for a great multimedia show, video mapping, theatre performances, decoration of exhibition centers and music halls. Depending on the purposes, Wings AV complex can be used either  for rent or  for permanent installations.

You can find more information about Wings AV on the web-site www.avstumpfl.com
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