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Quividi system

French automated audience measurement system QuiVidi is the world leader for commercial using. QuiVidi uses “computer vision” technology  (based on video camera) - for information collection, that determines precision of measurements comparing with another analogous solutions. The system has 2 ways of using: receiving demographic information about the audience and information about movement of the stream of visitors.

The information is collected and analyzed on such specifications:
  • number of people who looked at the screen
  • duration of one viewing
  • number of people who passed by
  • the time of maximum/minimum viewing
  • percentage of men and women, who looked at the screen
  • age of looking people (four age group: children, youths, adults, the aged)
All collected information is placed on the server in the cloud and formed in graphics and diagrams in personal account of the client on QuiVidi website. All information stay confidential, the pictures don’t record anywhere and don’t transfer by communication channels, personal information doesn’t fix.

The system has flexible scalability, so it can be useful either for big shopping mall, retail chain or for one store and any other public place.

Automated audience measurement system QuiVidi can be delivered on lease (rental term is fr om a year).

The client receives the equipment according to his purposes, user’s software for dropping the information and access to the personal section on QuiVidi site, from wh ere he will be able to export his graphics in any likely for him format , for example, in Exel.

8 reasons to use automated audience measurement system QuiVidi:

  1. Opportunity to start the target advertising campaigns focused on concrete group of potential customers.
  2. Information about visitors to advertisers or renter.
  3. Analysis of own audience, business optimization.
  4. Simplicity and reliability of the solution.
  5. Full confidentiality of received information.
  6. High precision of measurements.
  7. Doesn't demand difficult installation and special conditions on object.
  8. Control and the reporting from any point of the world.
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