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About automated audience measurement

Marketing managers of commercial objects need to hold the information to make the decision about necessity of running one or another special offers and estimating its effectiveness. The information about what kind of points on the object is more interesting for customers will be useful for merchandisers. Advertising managers are interested in analysis and drawing up a portrait of target audience. Administrative personnel would like to estimate the number of the employees correctly and arrange the duties during working day effectively.

Today the pursuance of marketing research needs significant financial investment and time and the result becomes outdated in several weeks, because the market is changing all the time. 

Fortunately, decisions allowing to make calculation and analysis of audience automatically and continuously and providing the company with all necessary dates for making decisions at any time are already exist.

It is computer systems of automated audience measurement.

Automated audience measurement is a professional complex computerized solution which allows to pull up, collect and analyze information about your clients:
  • sex
  • age
  • duration of store visit
  • interests under the store visit
  • direction of movement in the salesroom
Information received during measurements is furnished to the client like infographic.

With this solution you receive:
  • your customers demographics  
  • statistics of watching one or another advertising video
  • analysis of customers’  behavior in the point of sale
The information received from automated audience measurement system is the basis of strategic and marketing analysis. As a result you can offer to your clients  the products, which are interesting for them, arranging these products in the point of sale correctly, plan target advertising campaigns and also provide the advertiser with the report about the number of viewing of one or another advertising videos.

Modern automated audience measurement systems  allow to integrate them with the current advertising media devices on the objects and as a result to produce targeted advertising campaign in the points of sales.
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