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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
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About projection solutions

Obvious advantage of this technology  is that  using one or several  projectors the image can be projected on any surface both on white walls and on the architectural elements, geometric figures and even glass. Furthermore it doesn’t need difficult installations work or difficult constructions.

The projection technologies allow to achieve high marketing result and WOW-effect practically in any segment of the market – fr om points of sales to big shopping malls or theatres. 

For what and wh ere the projection solutions are used:

  • Projection solutions are ideal in cases, when large scale image is needed and no possibilities to install a videowall.. Besides it helps to solve the problems  with seams and colors  of the image.
  • Projection on the shopping windows is rather popular last time. Regular shopping window during the day is used as a screen of unusual form on the evening to  show advertising and any other content. As a rule, such solutions are eye-catching for target client, so they  give  an opportunity to inform and to sell.
  • The projection can be interactive as touch or gestures controlled. In that case shopping window is used as touch screen or hands free screen with which customer can interact, moving the picture on it and receive the information about the product or service.
  • One of the main functions of the projection technology is 3D mapping. Usually it use for visual, trendy effect on sport constructions, historical buildings, big shopping malls.
The content plays an important role in projection installation. Professional content creation for such shows is an individual task, including next image blending from several projectors for large scale 
projection, and also installation of equipment, especially suspension of the projectors.

Projection solutions special requirements:

  • the projection demands dim-out
  • special projectors are needed for installation with high brightness of image 
  • projectors points of  suspension play an important role
  • rear projection is also exist
  • projection solutions will compete to display solutions with the change-over to  the valves technologies, cross of LED and laser
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