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About content

Content is the basis of any multimedia project, either interactive systems or Digital Signage and videowall. It is what you will show to your present and potential clients or employees. that the content is your tool of effective sales, communication, marketing and entertaining  depending on your aims and purposes. 

Whatever solution you choose apply for experts before creating content. Only professionals will tell you what, where, in what form and in what time will be the most effective according to business processes of your company and interests of your clients or employees. They will help to localize the content correctly, to vary it depending on time, and also to use already existing marketing materials in creation of new content.

Modern systems allow to show the information almost in any format – from text files to difficult animated videos. The main question is what you really need. It will be depend on the purposes of the installation - customer engagement, employees motivation, communication, sales, information sharing, entertaining and etc. and from external factor such as place (point of sales, expectations, publicity and interest), time of demonstration, special aspects of the future audience and many other factors. The dynamic of future image and the quality requirements will be also depended on it.