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In modern world music surrounds us practically in all public places: in the stores, restaurants, shopping malls, fitness clubs, etc.

Musical design for business provides special atmosphere, adjust visitors to the right way, create a working mood for staff, draw attention to the brand, hide extraneous sounds and noises, etc.

Qualitatively matched musical design harmoniously accompanies business processes and creates a favorable background. Vector Market Research in the study of music at points of sale came to the conclusion that when music is turned off, the time of the buyer's stay is reduced by one and a half times.

DigiSky company offers 20 musical formats, which includes popular and worldwide famous compositions for their clients.

Here are some principles we follow when choosing music for our customers:
1.    Creating unique music format
Creating music content audience understanding is very important – its forbidden to forget age, gender and nationality.

2.    Music selection according to the time of the day
For exemple, in the morning it is better to set slow and calm music, and in the evening – more dynamic.

3.    The relevance of music
Music content should be actual one. Our music formats are regularly updated.