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Media facades

Media facades is LED, dynamic video screen, which can be installed on any surface of the building’s facades. It is the lightweight grid of rails or spacers with mounted LED . Media facades don’t demand massive difficult fixing constructions and mortgages for installation on the building. It is simple in installation and provides light transmission to the building. Depending on distance between rails and pixels, media facades are used both for the advertising constructions of a large format, and architectural solution for creation the unique buildingfacades. Furthermore, the most important point of such installation is the choice of content by means of which, at the correct selection of the equipment, it is possible "to recover" a building facade by the full-color image.

Media facades are used either for architectural and design, or for promotional and informational purposes. Using a media facade it is possible to start a new advertising campaign in a few minutes or brightly and dynamically to show necessary information to your target audience or to achieve wow-effect of the "live" building, and also to use interactivity by means of mobile phones - every person can personally place the photo or write the wishes in a city format.

The range of solutions in the sphere of media facades is very various. From the small dynamic LED sign located over an entrance of a shop which shows information about products and a corporate style, – to the huge facade of a difficult architectural form issued by LED surfaces of different permission with unlimited opportunities of design, advertising and sponsorship.