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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
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How it works

What is LED screen?

You decided to install projection screen?

Specialists from Digisky company will help you to determine the right model of LED design and choose the LED screen from one of the best manufacturers. Nowdays led screens are divided into classes: premium, average and econom.

What is LED screen and how to choose it?

Choosing LED screen you should consider such parameters as image clarity, energy efficiency, promoted contrast.

LED screens include 3 components: Pixels, modules and cabins. The less is pixel – the better is the image. Pixels counts in modules, modules counts in cabins.

Depending on the project tasks the following solutions are user in the field of LED structures:
•    Screens
•    Mediafacades
•    Dinamyc architectural illumination
•    LED-pilons
•    LED-perimeters