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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service

Corporate TV

DigiSky offers new service “Corporate TV” for the clients. Corporate TV is used in internal communication Thank to these systems you could inform employees. In that way important information is extended quickly and without undue effort.

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What is Corporate TV?

Corporate TV doesn’t influence on commercial piece of the company directly. High-quality and correctly built communications inspires employees to acquire knowledge and new experience.

Why Corporate TV is necessary?

Corporate TV helps to communicate with employees, partners and customers. It helps to receive new information. Of course you could inform people by fliers, brochures and etc., but people don’t have time to read printed information.

Corporate TV is the other thing. It attract attention with dynamic and bright content. Besides, you could show much more information with corporate TV

Where is it used?

Corporate TV could be installed and used in the offices, conference rooms, at manufactures, educational institutions and lounge rooms. Video content is controlled from one center by using special software and hardware.

Displays with different diagonal are used for corporate TV. Such equipment could work 24 hours 7 days in a week and provide the highest quality of the image at any angle. Regular update of content allows to create loyal audience and keep it interest.

DigiSky will help you to choose equipment, install and connect corporate TV for your company.