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Content for video walls

The concept of video wall is the first thing  to think about in such project. The equipment  should be sel ected according to future content. First of all, it is necessary to decide what to show on the videowall. If it will be RSS-feed, news, weather or traffic jam, it has influence on how to divide the image on the videowall and how these segments will be managed. 

In our work on such projects we try to understand at once, what the client wants in fact, which purposes he has. When we implement such project first of all we try to understand what does the client want: to earn money fr om advertising, to inform the visitors about something, to show  company videos or broadcast local TV. 

If the wall will have an  unusual configuration, the advertising couldn’t be shown on it, except if advertising spots would be especially created for the the videowall format. In this case the picture can be divided into parts, one of them of standard size can be used for advertising and the other one is for corresponding format of the content.

The content for video wall doesn’t not have any limitations. It could be static image, dynamic image, video in high resolutions, on-line broadcasting and etc.

Content and equipment for videowall should be chosen in according to correspondence rules: the client should know his customers, the places andwhere the wall will be installed (point of sales, waiting area,  passage zone).

Today there are a lot of solutions on the market. The knowledge of real needs of our clients helps our company to make the best choice for them. 
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