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Content for LED screens

The content for LED constructions  depends on their goals. It can be social important information in the form of simple messages, for example, speed limit for automobilists on the road or entertaining interactive show on the festival. So the content for such project should be created by professionals, who understand what and when to show on the screen depending on distribution of a flow of clients – whether it is logos, corporate colors and information about the company, production, services, special offers, advertising, videos, show content, etc.

If the installation was made for outdoor advertising, the content, as a rule, is given by the client in format of static images: the placement of full length spots in definite place is forbidden by the law about outdoor advertising, because it dissipates driver attention. 

The content, connected with the advertising, promotion of goods, service or brand, entertainment of the clients – depend on the creativeness of the customer and is restricted only the imagination of the developer. Almost everything is possible here: from usual graphic arts to the dynamic stereo-image, which is the basis of any multimedia show on the building facades. 

Interactive content becomes more and more popular today, which allows the clients, customers, visitors to interact with the screen by using their mobile phones whether it is game, pumping of photos, etc.

The content for INDOOR- constructions is closer to Digital Signage content. Our company creates the content on the basis of the materials provided by our clients or on the basis of license materials from different resources. Depending on the client purposes, content can be very different – news, information for children, corporative information and etc. We makes spots on the basis of the project aims and client requests, for rotation on the led media.