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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service

Content for sensor kiosks

Touch kiosks are more and more popular at last time: everybody needs the way-finding system on shopping molls or airports, everybody needs to find necessary object quickly – whether it is shop, good or service, and the advertisers have face-to-face contact with a great number of target customers in one place. 

Several standard interfaces for kiosks are exist. After choosing one of them, it will be reworked for your installation in accordance with your goals. Usually the design of interface is developed on the basis of the brand-book, corporate colors and visual solutions. After that the content is created: the structure of the project, on which the kiosk will be navigate is designed, video materials (movies, spots, advertising, additional information) are created or collected. If the kiosk is installed in the museum, special content about collections, vaults, artists and etc. is created.

The theme and the schedule of content are important for the kiosk like for any other Digital Signage system – what, when and in what volume will be shown, which advertising in this kiosk will be more effective (statistic of requests is very useful for it).

Very often the client hasn’t clear vision about how the kiosk works and which opportunities it gives. So professional integrator must tell him about all available solutions for his goals, from which the client will be able to choose necessary.