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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service

How it works

Touch kiosk must meet two main challenges – to inform and to sell. It is very important to find  right location, form and content for kiosk. Professional solutions include hardware and software for specific purposes and various interfaces which are reworked for each customer.

The important step of project implementation is understanding the goals of installation. Will it be only way finding kiosk, 3D map of shopping mall or just a picture instead of light-boxes? Will you need the statistic of keyword or objects in search and etc.? Inquired functionality of the kiosks is the criterion of further choice of system: which hardware, software, displays control system, servers etc. to use for the installation.

Like in any other Digital Signage system the display on the kiosk could be divided into zones, for example, one part of the display is for interactive operations, the other one is for advertising and special offers. It can be very effective, especially in the places with high attendance and publicity.