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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service

How it works

There are formed rules for installation Digital Signage systems on different objects. First of all you should understand the main purposes you would like to achieve with such systems. Before the installation of the system you should pay attention on such conditions as special features on the interior, the visibility, view angel, hardware location, people streaming, average time of a contact with a display and etc.

After that you can go to choosing of hardware and software. The main feature of Digital Signage system is possibility for remote centralized control of any hardware (promotional screens and digital signs, information interactive kiosk, videowalls, large LED displays and etc.) from one or more working places either for one shopping mall or for a large chain of stores in different cities or countries.

The main factors of choosing hardware are reliability in use, flexibility in application, friendly user interface, technical support from manufacturer, opportunity of expanding of a system, system functionality and the cost on an implementation phase and during exploitation.

One of the main parts of promotional systems is content, which will be demonstrated on the panels.

How Digital Signage system works?

1)      You create your own design of what you want to see on your screens in special software (CMS) and add there all content you have.

2)      Ready content is saving on the main server of Digital Signage system, which sends the information on one or a group of players on a set time. The players are installed according to your project in the places where you would like to bring the information to the target audience

3)      Players provide displaying of your content on the screens according to your schedule and could generate data report about play back of content.

You should pay special attention on choosing displays because they “sell” your information to visitors. Very often the business owners want to save money and decide to buy consumer TV and play the content from USB flash card.

We don’t recommend to choose consumer TVs, which are selling in stores in Digital Signage installations. Such TV supposes to be used only 4-6 hours in a day besides the manufacturer could reject the warranty if display will be broken. Also we should mention that the distribution of the USB flash cards with the content to different points of sales spends lots of time and you could have many service mistakes. Of course such solution is difficult to call Digital Signage.

We offer to our clients just professional displays, which are prove, solid, high productive and also procure smooth operation in the 24/7 mode.

DigiSky company is in partner relationships with the leading manufacturers of professional displays for Digital Signage and other Indoor Media: LG Electronics, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips and others.

The specialized software is responsible for control of all Digital Signage system, creation and distribution of content. One of the main benefits of Digital Signage technology is possibility to control and update the information quickly and easy on all promotional displays.

Players are responsible for reliability of content broadcasting and operation of Digital Signage system at the point of sales. DigiSky offers to its clients software and hardware from such companies as Onelan, Spinetix, Navori, AV Stumpfl.