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Interactive video walls

Interactive video wall combines the functions of regular video wall and interactivity. Interactive function allows not only pay attention on the information but keep the clients hold on for some time by interaction with them.

To build an interactive videowall it is necessary to use such solutions as Kinect, Touch radar. 

Among of interactive video walls goals are:

  • WOW-effect: the client not only see eye-catching content on a big screen, but interact with it by motions and touching
  • Marketing: it inspires potential clients to spend a lot of time near it, in the same time  acquiring advertising and other information, which you want to  bring to them
  • Branding: interactive wall is one of the most innovative technologies, which is associated with company success and creativeness of its top management. The technology is irreplaceable for development of positive experience in communion between the client and the company.
  • Sales: it allows to sale any products in the places with a high traffic flow (streets, metro, airports, shopping centers and etc.) using QR-code and mobile devices
  • “Solutions for shopping windows”: the client don’t need to go inside the bank and wait in the line to know the information, for example, about credits, payments etc. He can  receive  all necessary information standing on the street and controlling special screen by motions.
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