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About Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a  network of screens which are controlled centrally and allow to show any information (marketing, advertising, social etc.) at public places.
Among Digital Signage  tools:
  • advertising screens
  • digital menu
  • touch kiosks
  • corporative TV
  • LED screens
  • Media facades
  • Digital frames and signs
  • Video walls and etc.
Digital Signage market in Russia  can’t be considered like highly developed market, but it has great potential. . For any big or small deliverer or seller of goods/services, especially, for federal scale, Digital Signage system is the only way to control communications with clients in point of sales quickly and effectively and operate their own business processes too. 

Today Digital Signage is an effective marketing tool, which helps to solve a number of problems:

  • Quickly update the information at all point of sales 
  • Quickly bring an important information to the clients and employees
  • Attract  attention to the advertisement message
  • Influence  on the client’s behavior and purchases
  • Create modern interior and exterior
  • Communicate with client interactively
  • Influence  on the client’s choice 
  • Increase sales
  • Collect demographic  information about visitors

Among the main advantages of Digital Signage to the static media are: 

  • attraction  attention due to the dynamic content
  • high ROI
  • quick update of content
  • target advertising campaign
  • centralized control of all digital media and etc.
Digital Signage is not only a visual system, included the number of screens, wires, software and content first of all, it is a tool  which helps to increase sells, to build relationships with clients, and also the way of communication inside the company.

Today in Russia Digital Signage mostly is just a non-professional  LCD screens (TV) with uninteresting content in the points of sales. Rational investor, before the implementation of such project, appeals to the professional, who will help him to analyze his own business processes, how clients streams are allocated in the points of sales, how  Digital Signage works in different cases and how is it help to solve his business  tasks.

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