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Content licensing

Cartoons for children, translation of events on-line, TV channels about fashion and culture,  programs about food or travelling  -  all of it can be shown on your screens and used for attraction attention of visitors and customers. But like in the case of any intellectual property, it is necessary to get the license on public demonstration of this content in a certain place and in certain time. Moreover, if, for example, you buy a package of satellite television, you have to get the license to broadcast each TV program (a football match, fashion show, animated films, etc.) which you plan to show. 

Often large media holdings don't sign contracts directly, without agency intermediaries. They carry out the activity through suppliers of content.

We have contacts with such holdings and companies as:

  • Smeshariki
  • RIA News
  • Aeroplan studio (cartoon Fiksiki)
  • National Geographic
  • Edimdoma.ru ( Video recipe with J.Visotskay)
And many others!