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Audio branding

Audio branding is using of sounds in brand communication. It is a process of giving unique voice to your brand. The main goal of audio branding is creating of sound systems which will be associated with a brand.

Among the elements of audio branding are:

  • Audio logo

  • Soundscape

  • Music on hold

  • Ringtones

  • Brand voice

  • Brand song

  • Jingle

  • Music for industry films

  • Corporate anthem

  • Functional sounds

  • Music for commercials

Audio branding creates unique sound identification of your brand. Sounds surround us everywhere, they are associated with certain things, subjects, products, companies. So why not to use this tool for your brand promotion? Very often companies spend a lot of time and money for visual branding, not paying attention to brand sound. Brand communication effectiveness often suffers from unsystematic and unstructured using of sounds. It is a big mistake because audio branding could solve a number of problems:

  • Increase of brand awareness

  • Increase of sales

  • Control of clients behavior and mood

  • Creation of emotional communication between consumer and brand

  • Difference from competitors

  • Rising consumers relevant associations

  • Providing new touch points with consumer

Look at such big and successful companies like Danon, Macdonald’s, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and many other - all of them have its unique sound. When you listen audio logo of these companies, you have associations with the brand. It really works.

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