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Audio spots

Audio spots

Music in the point of sales could be rotated with audio spots. It could be information about special promotions and offers, third party’s advertising, security information, social advertising, information for stuff. Audio spots are rightfully considered as an effective marketing and information tool.

Audio spots are effective way to inform people. Often information audio spots could be heard in public places such as stores, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, subway etc. In modern office centers or large enterprises audio spots system is used for important announcements or gathering people on the meetings. In stores audio spots are used for information about current sales, special offers and etc. Besides information part it is possible to sale advertising on your in-store radio. Independently from way of using this system is important communication channel both for contact with targeted audience and in corporate environment.

DigiSky offers following services:

  • Recording of any audio spots (with jingle, with sound effects, radio massages and etc.)

  • Audio spots’ script writing

  • Playback of audio spots in stores

  • You can listen the examples of our clients’ audio spots below.

  • The process of information audio spots creating is not so easy as it seems at the first sight.

To create effective spot it is important:

  • correctly provide the information

  • to tell laconic and interesting about the advertising article

  • make the information coherence and well acquisitive

  • think over the message to audience

Internal radio has some advantages over visual promotion:

  • It couldn’t be turned off and in any case visitor will hear your massage

  • The cost of high quality audio spot is less than the cost of good video over the equal impact

  • Audio advertising is less annoying

  • Sound translation is a way of direct communication with target audience

Important advantage of using audio service is an opportunity to sell advertising to the third party. For example, in the malls you could sell broadcast time to lessees for translation the advertising about their shops, in supermarket it could be sales from vendors and etc. The visitors pay attention on such advertising.

If there is no audio service in your store, shopping mall, restaurant, business center or fitness club, DigiSky company is at your service. We offer you the best solutions for your business, wide possibilities of our professional technology allows to broadcast your audio spots as through all chain of objects or just in one concrete object for target audience. We also

  • guaranty regular on-line monitoring of broadcasting

  • control the number of audio spots in the in-store’s air

  • render any account to the advertisers