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DigiSky turn key media solutions for business
The application for service

How it works

The system is very simple in using. In fact it consists of computer, transducers and software. In case if statistic of viewing of advertising materials  is needed, the transducer should be installed on the video screen or any other advertising media

The integration with advertising media systems gives the opportunity to  playback the content depending on who is looking on the screen at the moment.

For example: if the transducer fix that the man is looking to the screen the system chooses advertising,  for the men for example men’s perfume, ties and etc. If there will be a children the system turnes on advertising, for example, of children’s goods and etc.

So the advertiser takes the possibilities not only get information about visitors interested in his products but also to show the advertising exactly to its target audience.

In cases when it is necessary to receive the information about people’s movement in the shopping center, transducer is installed under the ceiling.
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